Membership Meetings

4 Part Leadership Series

Systems Thinking | Seated | Free for Members

Session 4: GO Collaborate

  • Date: April 21, 2023

  • Time: 11:30 - 2PM

  • Location: Republic Schools BOE Room at 636 N. Main St, Republic MO

  • Intended Audience: Superintendents & Assistant Superintendents, Principals & Assistant Principals, Communication Directors, Member Universities, and Partners. Be sure your District has a representative in attendance.

  • Registration: Free for Members and Partners

  • Lunch: Sponsored by Jason Dial, Public Sector Consultant for Trane

Each Membership Meeting Includes:

  • Intentional time for learning together that support your work for MSIP6.

  • Legislative updates.

  • Time to reconnect with colleagues while enjoying a lunch.

  • An opportunity to become more aware of the work of GOCSD.

  • Hearing from our sponsoring Partners.

  • Safe space to talk about important education topics

April Program

Join us at this final membership meeting of this school year to wrap up our series of supporting your MSIP6 work. Come enjoy eating lunch with colleagues, receiving important information from the work of GOCSD, and participate in professional learning that will increase your awareness of the importance of efficacy. How does efficacy contribute to MSIP6? Come to find out!


Kathy Gross

Kathy Gross
Co-Director of Professional Learning

Kathy Gross is a respected educational leader who loves learning, coaching, facilitating and presenting. Kathy serves as a consultant for Learning Forward and is a Training Associate of Cognitive Coaching. She also serves as an Education Ambassador for the non-profit I Pour Life, and is on the Board of Directors for Kagan Charitable Foundation. During her 28 years of service in Springfield (MO) Public Schools she enjoyed being a Director of Professional Learning, Coordinator of Teacher and Leader Development, coach to teachers new to the career, principal and assistant principal, and teacher. Kathy knew she wanted to be a teacher from the time she was a kindergartner and still believes that teaching is the most important profession. This belief led to the acceptance of additional duties in roles that support and empower teachers and leaders, and to the creation of Engrossed in Service, LLC upon her retirement from public schools.

GOLearn Professional Learning Framework


Our GOLearn PL Framework provides an overview of the learning experiences we offer. This systems approach supports continuous improvement and allows members to identify the offerings that meet their needs, providing a personalized experience. It includes three strands: Systems Thinking, Safe and Collaborative Culture, and Highly Effective Teaching and Leading.

We use the Learning Forward Standards for Professional Learning when designing our experiences to ensure that we provide professional learning that leads to high-quality leading, teaching, and learning for students and educators.

Review our GOLearn Framework to identify sessions that meet your needs, see what sessions are currently open for registration on our PL Events webpage, and access the content in our on-demand catalog to start learning now.