Professional Learning Events

Open for Registration



Guest Expert Program | Seated & Virtual | Paid

Canvas Admin Network

Sept 7

Network | Virtual | Free for All

Efficacious Educators

Sept - May

Community | Virtual | Free for Members

Membership Meeting

Sept 21

Leadership Session | Seated | Free for Members & Partners

Not Everyone Sees the Brillance

Sept 28

Guest Expert | Seated | Paid

Westminster Field Trip

Register by Sept 30th

Guest Expert & Field Trip | Virtual & Seated | Paid

Building Blocks of Neuroscience

Oct 3

Guest Expert Program | Seated | Paid

Illuminating Advice from Media Experts

Oct 11

Guest Expert Program | Seated | Paid

Enlighten our Policymakers

Nov 10

Guest Expert Program | Virtual | Free


See our events webpage for a complete listing of all our meetings, events open for registration, and scheduled events that will opening for registration in the near future.


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