Professional Learning Framework


High Quality Professional Learning offered through various learning designs results in educator and student success.

High Quality Professional Learning offered through various learning designs results in educator and student success

Why this Framework?

As the GOCSD PL Advisory team reviewed the results of the needs survey, we took a systematic approach to show how all the offerings fit together while allowing individuals and districts the opportunity to personalize the work and learning to their needs.

  • What offerings might align to your CSIP Plan?

  • What offerings might meet the needs of the varied experience of your teachers?

  • How can PL be viewed as on-going and living vs a one-shot experience?

We considered other systems you might be working to align with, such as the MSIP 6 indicators. You might be exploring the HRS framework and involved in the SRSN, or might be launching or revisiting the foundations of PLC.

From all the varied responses we received, the topics fell within one of three strands:

  • Systems Thinking

  • Safe & Collaborative Culture

  • Highly Effective Teaching & Leading

These strands are all interconnected and support each other in creating what works best in our schools. But we also know that depending on where your district is at any one time, on-going learning within all three areas is vital.

In the table below, specific topics are listed for each of the strands with corresponding GOCSD offerings.

Using this Framework to Personalize PL

District leaders should consider using this framework to identify the personalized learning needs for each of their educators. GOCSD’s plan is to support continuous improvement with this systems approach.

This framework should be a resource to consider as districts analyze current CSIP goals, professional learning needs assessment data, classroom observation data and student learning evidence. A synthesis of this information should help district leaders identify the learning opportunities needed by their educators.

This framework clarifies all of the various learning experiences to be offered so that leaders and teachers can easily select the opportunities that fit their personalized needs.

Be sure principals and teachers are aware of and understand this framework and continuous improvement process. Be reminded to utilize our PL Events web page to register for events as they become available.

Framework for 2023-2024

This framework will be updated as new events are planned. When registration opens for an event, it will be listed on the PL Events web page, app, highlighted in GONews, and shared on social media. We use the Learning Forward Standards for Professional Learning when designing our experiences to ensure that we provide professional learning that leads to high-quality leading, teaching, and learning for students and educators.

⚙️ Systems Thinking



Continuous Improvement

  • Sept 14: GO Time

  • Sept 25-26: High Reliability Schools

  • Sept 27: Membership Meeting

  • Oct 2-4: Kettle Moraine Field Trip

  • Nov 15: Membership Meeting

  • Jan 24: GOKey Communicators Onboarding

  • Feb 28: Membership Meeting

  • Mar 4: School Finance SE

  • Mar 26: Secondary Admin GOHuddle Network

  • Apr 24: Membership Meeting

  • May 29-30: Lead Forward

  • On-Demand: School Finance

  • On-Demand: School Safety

  • On-Demand: Understanding & Talking About Your APR

  • On-Demand: Teacher Proud Tuesday Toolkit

  • On-Demand: Public School Proud Bulletin Toolkit

  • On-Demand: GO Time

  • On-Demand: MO School Finance Update

  • On-Demand: Educational Advocacy

  • On-Demand: Title IX Guidance

  • On-Demand: Get the Lead Out

High Reliability Schools

Navigating Change

Professional Learning Communities

  • June 3-4: High Levels of Learning for All


  • Sept 21: Superintendents GOHuddle Network

  • Apr 27: Principals GOHuddle Network

  • Apr 26: GOTech Network

⚙️ Safe & Collaborative Culture



Behavior Interventions

  • Sept-Feb 2024: Framework for Effective Teaching Series

  • Summer 2024: Follow up of CHAMPS for Tier 2 Interventions

  • On-Demand: Be Well Experience

Building Relationships

  • Sept-Feb 2024: Framework for Effective Teaching Series

Classroom Management

  • July 30-31, 2024: CHAMPS

Collective Efficacy

  • July 2022: Dr. Jenni Donohoo

  • Apr 2023: Efficacious Educators

⚙️ Highly Effective Teaching & Leading



Competency Based Learning (CBL)

  • Real World Learning (RWL)

  • Project Based Learning (PBL)

  • Oct 2023: Kettle Moraine Field Trip

  • Feb 12: Learner-Centered Practices Boot Camp

  • Apr 4: The Why Behind Portrait of a Graduate

  • June 11-12 OR June 13-14 Portrait of a Graduate

  • On-Demand: The Why Behind Portrait of a Graduate

  • On-Demand: Unlocking Potential through Real World Learning

  • On-Demand: Getting Ready to GO-CBL 101

  • Collaboration with Success Ready Student Network (SRSN)

Curriculum Development

  • Understanding by Design (UbD) - Backwards Design

  • Learning Targets & Evidence of Success

  • Proficiency Scales

  • Assessment/Data Driven Decision Making

  • Oct 2023:

    GVC Guidance

  • Dec 12:

    Designing for Learning

  • Feb 20:

    All About Assessment

  • Apr 16:

    Data Driven Decision-making

  • On-Demand: Curriculum Deep Dive Series

Data Analysis and Decision Making

  • Student Goal Setting

  • Classroom PDSA

  • Apr 16:

    Data Driven Decision-making

  • May 2023: State-Approved K-3 Reading Assessment Vendor Showcase

  • Student Goal Setting: facilitated by Instructional Coaches

  • On-Demand: State Approved K-3 Reading Assessment Follow-up

Effective Tier 1 Instruction

  • Communicating High Expectations

  • Content Specific Strategies

  • Student Engagement

  • Differentiating Instruction

  • Sept-Feb 2024: Framework for Effective Teaching Series

  • Feb 13: Successfully Conducting IEP Meetings

  • July 17-18, 2024: Kagan Cooperative Learning

  • Jan 2025+: Cognitive Coaching Foundation Seminar

  • On-Demand: Exploring AI in Education

  • On-Demand: Virtual Partner Fair

  • On-Demand: GOSUB

  • On-Demand: Blended Learning Series

  • On-Demand: Canvas Academy

  • On-Demand: Equitable & Inclusive Teaching Practices in Virtual Environments

  • On-Demand: Feedback, Communication, Relationships: Oh My!

  • On-Demand: Setting up a Mathematical Community

Response to Intervention (RtI)

  • June 3-4: High Levels of Learning for All

Supporting New Teachers

  • Lesson Design

  • Ongoing: Beginning Teachers Community

  • Aug - Apr 2024: Supporting Beginning Teachers Community

  • On-Demand: Why Everyone's Jealous of our Retirement System


  • Aug 2023: GOPLTW Network at Innovation Summit

  • Feb 27: GOSupport

  • Mar 28: GOSPED Network

  • Apr 2: GOData Network

  • May 8: GOEdTech Network

  • May 22: GOCoach Network

Learning Designs

We offer Professional Learning in various formats. To overcome barriers of time and space we offer sessions in a variety of modalities including: seated, virtual, and on-demand.




A series of sessions to provide follow-up conversations to guest expert programs, providing ongoing support and collaboration


Large seated event with keynotes and breakout sessions

Field Trip

Travel to a site for learning, experiences, collaboration, and observation

Leadership Meeting

Meeting format with professional learning

Guest Expert Session

A guest expert facilitates a single session

Guest Expert Program

Guest experts facilitate multiple sessions or days

Member or Vendor Showcase

A member hosts a session to share a successful program or strategy that they are using and how others might choose to replicate it

Member Hosted Event

A member is hosting a PL event for their organization and opens up registration to GOCSD members


Regularly scheduled sessions for people with similar job responsibilities or endeavors

Virtual Fair

A schedule of breakout sessions held virtually


See our events webpage for a complete listing of all our meetings, events open for registration, and scheduled events that will opening for registration in the near future.


Contact Debbie Yonke, Professional Learning Director or
Dr. Julie Flieg, SE MO Professional Director/Assistant Director