Teacher Proud

Teacher Proud Tuesdays

The purpose of the Teacher Proud Tuesday campaign is to lift up and celebrate the profession and those currently serving, to recruit and inspire candidates to consider teaching, and to inform communities, business leaders and policymakers on the importance of public education.

This initiative is designed to tell the inspiring stories of educators who are making a difference in the lives of students. Telling these many wonderful educator stories, lifts up the professionals and promotes within communities and the state the importance of being Public Education Proud.


The Teacher Proud Tuesday campaign starts in September, taking place the second Tuesday of each month, and pausing after May. All educational entities are asked to share their stories on their social media channels and websites. Key to this sharing is tagging legislative representatives, senators and community leaders.

GOCSD will also be watching for and liking your social media posts, so be sure to:

  • Use the #TeacherProud hashtag

  • Tag your local legislators and governor

  • Tag news outlets

  • Tag educational leadership organizations

  • Include the GOCSD Teacher Proud sticker

Our updated Teacher Proud Toolkit 2.0 provides timesaving templates, strategies, and examples of how to implement this in your district. This toolkit models best practices in creating and using a communications toolkit for a campaign, something that Districts can replicate for other purposes in their District.

GOCSD will be spotlighting Member Districts from all across the region on Teacher Proud Tuesdays through our social media channels, on our website and app, and also in our GONews newsletter. GOCSD requests that districts sign up in advance to be spotlighted by contacting Janetta Garton.

Teacher Proud Tuesday

Scrapbook of the most recent Teacher Proud Tuesday

Public Education Proud Initiative

To advocate for Public Education at the local, state and national levels, GOCSD is providing members many opportunities to showcase what it means to be Public Education Proud (PEP). The Public Education Proud efforts includes: Teacher Proud Campaign, Shine a Light Series, GOKey Communicators Program, and the Public Education Proud Bulletin.

Teacher Proud

GOKey Communicators

Public School Proud Bulletin