During a typical student's K-12 education one year of their classroom experience is with a substitute teacher.

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Our GOSUB course provides your substitute teachers with the knowledge, strategies and skills needed for success. By completing the course, the teachers will:

  • Increase their confidence in subbing

  • Create a positive, supportive and safe classroom environment

  • Engage and motivate students in learning

  • Build positive relationships with students and staff

The course is interactive, models best practices, utilizes various media formats to present the content, and includes prompts to reflect and plan for action.


The GOSUB course includes four main modules, each taking an hour or less to complete. Participants can work at their own pace. A very brief fifth module serves as a course wrap up and is part of the estimated four hours of learning.

  • 1 | GO: "Great Day Ahead" and "On Target" are the topics for the first module. By employing the tips given in this module, participants will proactively prepare for success. They will also be reminded of some effective instructional strategies that will help increase motivation and engagement.

  • 2 | Support: Participants will explore how to provide the educational and emotional support needed during a school day.

  • 3 | Understand: Participants will explore understanding from multiple perspectives. Taking time to understand in this learning setting will help them make great choices under pressure.

  • 4 | Be Professional: This module emphasizes the basic principle of professionalism.

  • 5 | Course Wrap Up: Participants will consider applying the most important points of GOSUB.

Purchasing Options

Option 1: Purchase the Course

The GOSUB Canvas course is available for purchase by districts. Districts can publish the course in their own Canvas platforms, so as to be able to personalize the content to meet their needs. The course can be utilized as a traditional course, enrolling the participants and an instructor. Or, the course can be used as a website, with no login required to consume the content. The pricing structure is based on the district's K-12 student enrollment. The district owns the content for three years.

Option 2: Purchase Enrollments

Register your subs to be enrolled in the GOSUB course in GOCSD's Canvas site. This is an option for Districts that do not use Canvas. GOCSD will enroll your participants and provide them with directions on how to get started.

Purchase the Course

Purchase Enrollments

Canvas site

Use your District’s Canvas Site to deliver the course.

Use GOCSD’s Canvas site to deliver the course.

Website Delivery

The course can be used as a website, no enrollment required to access the content.

Enrollment is required to access the course.

Canvas Accounts

Your District creates Canvas accounts for the participants.

The participants set up their free account in the GOCSD Canvas site.

Customization of Content

Personalize the course for your District.

There is no District specific content in the GOCSD course.


District's enroll the participants in the course.

GOCSD enrolls your participants in the course.


Your District can assign a facilitator to answer participant’s questions, monitor their progress, and recognize completion.

The GOCSD course is not facilitated.


The District owns the course for 3 years.

GOCSD owns the course.


Member District

0-1000 Students: $600

1001-2500 Students: $800

2501+ Students: $1000

Non-Member District

1-1000 Students: $1200

1001-2500 Students: $1600

Large 2501+ Students: $2000

Member District

$20 per participant

Non-Member District

$40 per participant


Kathy Gross

The course was designed by Kathy Gross, Engrossed in Service, LLC

Kathy Gross is a respected educational leader who loves learning, coaching, facilitating and presenting. Kathy serves as a consultant for Learning Forward and is a Training Associate of Cognitive CoachingSM. She also serves as an Education Ambassador for the non-profit I Pour Life, and is on the Board of Directors for Kagan Charitable Foundation. During her 28 years of service in Springfield (MO) Public Schools she enjoyed being a Director of Professional Learning, Coordinator of Teacher and Leader Development, coach to teachers new to the career, principal and assistant principal, and teacher. Kathy knew she wanted to be a teacher from the time she was a kindergartner and still believes that teaching is the most important profession. This belief led to the acceptance of additional duties in roles that support and empower teachers and leaders, and to the creation of Engrossed in Service, LLC upon her retirement from public schools.

GOLearn Professional Learning Framework


Our GOLearn PL Framework provides an overview of the learning experiences we offer. This systems approach supports continuous improvement and allows members to identify the offerings that meet their needs, providing a personalized experience. It includes three strands: Systems Thinking, Safe and Collaborative Culture, and Highly Effective Teaching and Leading.

We use the Learning Forward Standards for Professional Learning when designing our experiences to ensure that we provide professional learning that leads to high-quality leading, teaching, and learning for students and educators.

Review our GOLearn Framework to identify sessions that meet your needs, see what sessions are currently open for registration on our PL Events webpage, and access the content in our on-demand catalog to start learning now.