Innovation Summit

Innovation Summit 2024

August 1-2, 2024
Branson Convention Center
200 Sycamore Street in Branson MO 65616


Keynote Speakers

Jamie Meade

Jamie Meade

Aug 1

Join national consultant and presenter, Jamie Meade as she shares the science of hope! The science of hope is rapidly evolving alongside the field of neuroscience, which reveals the power of hope inside all of us! Hope is more than passive, wishful thinking. Hope empowers us to establish meaningful goals, navigate life’s uncertain, ever-changing pathways, and act with agency. In this keynote message, Jamie will share her latest research in the new science of hope, why hope matters for students and educators, and how hope is essential for visionary leadership.

With a career spanning over 35 years in education, Jamie is dedicated to positive change and impact in our nation’s education systems.

She began her career as a High School English teacher in the rural Appalachian regions of Ohio, Kentucky, and West Virginia, where her passion for empowering students through knowledge and inspiration took root. Jamie’s dedication led her to leadership roles in School- and District-level Administration, including curriculum, instruction, data, and assessment.

She has also served in regional school improvement services with the Ohio Department of Education and as Vice President at Battelle for Kids, a national nonprofit dedicated to advancing educational excellence. In her work at Battelle for Kids, she worked closely with Gallup in designing a student-voice survey to capture the impact of educators in fostering hope, engagement, and belonging in their students.

As an experienced education consultant and speaker, she has delivered keynotes, workshops, and professional learning for thousands of educators on various topics, including data-informed practices, accountability systems, student voice, vertical progressions in K-12 curricula, and the sciences of hope, engagement, and belonging.

She is an experienced keynote speaker at numerous district, state, and national events. She has delivered professional learning sessions at national education conferences, including the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD), the American Association of School Administrators (AASA), and the National School Boards Association (NSBA). Since the global pandemic, Jamie has traveled to school districts and conferences in more than 15 states, delivering inspirational messages on the science of hope – and why it matters in education.


Dr. Tina H. Boogren

Aug 2

Last year, national consultant and expert voice on educator wellness, Tina Boogren, left us wanting to learn more about this important work and we are excited that she is able to join us again this year to continue the journey! Don't miss Tina as she shares more knowledge and strategies on how educators at all levels and backgrounds can bring their very best selves to their students each day and have a big impact on those around us. We will leave this keynote feeling inspired and motivated as ready to kick off a new year with success.

Tina H. Boogren, PhD, is a fierce advocate for educators and an award-winning educator, best-selling author, and highly sought-after speaker. Dr. Boogren has proudly served as a classroom teacher, mentor, instructional coach, and building-level leader and has presented for audiences all over the world.

Dr. Boogren is deeply committed to supporting educators so that they can support their students. She conducts highly requested and inspiring keynotes, workshops, and virtual webinars that focus on quality instruction, coaching, mentoring, and educator wellness, and she hosts a weekly podcast, Self-Care for Educators with Dr. Tina H. Boogren. Additionally, she is codirector of Solution Tree’s Wellness Solutions for Educators™ with Dr. Timothy D. Kanold.

Dr. Boogren was a 2007 finalist for Colorado Teacher of the Year and was a recipient of her school district’s Outstanding Teacher Award eight years in a row, from 2002 to 2009. She is the author of numerous books, including In the First Few Years: Reflections of a Beginning Teacher; Supporting Beginning Teachers; The Beginning Teacher’s Field Guide: Embarking on Your First Years; 180 Days of Self-Care for Busy Educators; Take Time for You: Self-Care Action Plans for Educators, which was the Independent Publisher’s Gold Award winner in the Education category; and Coaching for Educator Wellness: A Guide to Supporting New and Experienced Teachers. She is a coauthor of Educator Wellness: A Guide for Sustaining Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Social Well-Being with Timothy D. Kanold and Motivating and Inspiring Students: Strategies to Awaken the Learner with Robert J. Marzano, Darrell Scott, and Ming Lee Newcomb and is a contributor to Richard Kellough and Noreen Kellough’s Middle School Teaching: A Guide to Methods and Resources as well as Robert J. Marzano’s Becoming a Reflective Teacher.

Dr. Boogren holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Iowa, a master’s degree with an administrative endorsement from the University of Colorado Denver, and a doctorate in educational administration and policy studies from the University of Denver.

GOLearn Professional Learning Framework

GOLearn Framework

Our GOLearn PL Framework provides an overview of the learning experiences we offer. This systems approach supports continuous improvement and allows members to identify the offerings that meet their needs, providing a personalized experience. It includes three strands: Systems Thinking, Safe and Collaborative Culture, and Highly Effective Teaching and Leading.

We use the Learning Forward Standards for Professional Learning when designing our experiences to ensure that we provide professional learning that leads to high-quality leading, teaching, and learning for students and educators.

Review our GOLearn Framework to identify sessions that meet your needs, see what sessions are currently open for registration on our PL Events webpage, and access the content in our on-demand catalog to start learning now.