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Join any or all of these three VIRTUAL conversation sessions as we collaborate, learn, and work together toward ensuring high levels of learning for all students. Register for this free event today!

Sept 30: Deep Learning vs Teaching Content

  • Where do you go beyond common assessments in terms of impacting instruction?

  • How do we focus on data moments?

  • How do we shift from a focus on teaching content to teaching for deep learning?

Nov 4: How to Ensure Deep Learning

  • How do the new state priority standards impact the work of our PLC’s?

  • How will common/collaborative assessment processes be impacted?

  • How will instruction be impacted and/or adjusted by this work?

Dec 2: Deep Learning Assessment Alignment

Intended Audience: Attendees of 2021 GOCSD PLC Summit Event held on July 27-28, 2021, but anyone can choose to participate.

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We are excited to offer our very first GOCSD PLC Community Conversations Series, as we extend opportunities for follow up and learning beyond our 2021 GOCSD PLC Summit.

This event is facilitated by:

  • Dr. Pam Hedgpeth, GOCSD Executive Director

  • Garrett Lowder, Marshfield

  • Tiffany Young, West Plains

  • Brooke Gantt, Nixa

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