Public Education Proud

Public Education Proud Initiative

To advocate for Public Education at the local, state and national levels, GOCSD is providing members many opportunities to showcase what it means to be Public Education Proud (PEP).

One of southwest Missouri’s strongest Public Education advocates is State Senator Karla Eslinger. She shares why it is essential that we engage our legislators and advocate for public eduction. She provides some examples for how we can best communicate with state policymakers. She shares insight for what she believes will be the focus for the legislative session.

Teacher Proud

Teacher Proud Campaign

The purpose of the Teacher Proud Tuesday campaign is to lift up and celebrate the profession and those currently serving, to recruit and inspire candidates to consider teaching, and to inform communities, business leaders and policymakers on the importance of public education.

This #TeacherProud initiative is designed to tell the inspiring stories of educators who are making a difference in the lives of students. Telling these many wonderful educator stories, lifts up the professionals and promotes within communities and the state the importance of being Public Education Proud.

GOKey Communicators

GOKey Communicators

The goal of GOKey Communicators is to create a network of local community members, retired teachers, current teachers and preservice teachers who regularly communicate with regional legislators about the effects of proposed legislation on their local school districts. Some legislators may have a negative perception of school leaders, which results in the needs of students going unheard. The assumption is that legislators are likely more willing to discuss these concerns with community members versus school superintendents and administrators.

For those Members who wish to participate, GOCSD organizes free training and on-going support.

Public School Proud Bulletin

Public School Proud Bulletin Toolkit

An annual district bulletin can help you build an identity, familiarizing your community with your brand and messaging priorities. It is an opportunity to be really clear about what you want known about your district.

The purpose of this publication is to grow your communications team, organically activating ambassadors throughout your community, while keeping all your stakeholders informed. Providing accurate and helpful information about the status, goals, and what your district does well, prepares your stakeholders to improve your reputation within your community and beyond.

This toolkit provides a time-saving template and a sequence of steps to successfully carry-out the creation and distribution process.

GOInnovate Grant

GOInnovate Grant

GOCSD and Missouri Capital Asset Advantage Treasury (MOCAAT) are excited to give back to our members by offering a competitive grant opportunity. GOInnovate Grants support innovative projects that improve student learning through personalized competency-based learning and learner agency practices.

This opportunity is open to all professional staff who are employed by GOCSD member school districts. The application form is simple, can be submitted by an individual or by a group, and closes on April 15, 2024. The maximum award amount is $1,500 and the minimum is $250.