#TeacherProud Tuesday January 2024

For this month’s #TeacherProud Tuesday we are spotlighting these members:

Diamond R-IV School District

Did you know that it's ⭐ #TeacherProudTuesday? We are excited to celebrate with other districts in the region.  This month we are spotlighting Ryan Waggoner!

We are incredibly proud and fortunate to have Ryan Waggoner as our middle school social studies teacher. Mr. Waggoner embodies dedication, passion, and an unwavering commitment to our academic and athletic growth. Through his engaging teaching style, he instills a love for learning about history and cultivates a deep understanding of the subject among his students. Mr. Waggoner's impact extends far beyond the classroom and the basketball court, shaping us into well-rounded individuals poised for success. We are truly grateful for his guidance, mentorship, and the remarkable role model he is to us all.

Joel E Barber School

Our January Teacher Proud Tuesday recipient is Jennifer Robertson. Ms. Robertson is a first-year teacher in the JEB Middle School, teaching Social Studies. Mrs. Jones, our Assistant Principal, said about Ms. Robertson "She makes learning so fun for her students and gets them excited about every topic. She is always thinking outside of the box to engage her learners."

Join the Celebration

The purpose of the Teacher Proud Tuesday campaign is to lift up and celebrate the profession and those currently serving, to recruit and inspire candidates to consider teaching, and to inform communities, business leaders and policymakers on the importance of public education. 

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🔦 If your District would like to be spotlighted by GOCSD please contact Janetta Garton.