Sparta Farms

Congratulations to Sparta Schools on their new 11 acre school-based farm.  

Posted on Twitter:

Over the last few months, the FFA Leadership team of SHS has been developing plans to begin operating Sparta Farms, an 11 acre school-based beef operation. Creating a working cattle farm on the land behind the high school is a response to the declining number of farms and increased average age of farmers across the United States. 

Sparta FFA students recently presented their farm plans to the Christian County Farm Bureau. At this meeting, students explained the purpose, timeline, and goals of creating a working beef farm on the school campus. Aligning with the CCFB will provide educational opportunities for our students that will encourage students to pursue farming opportunities in the future. 

Sparta FFA is very fortunate to have secured funding for their farm from the CCFB and the Douglas Wegner Memorial Foundation.

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