Future Focused Leadership Networkj

New Leadership Program for Secondary Administrators

Are you a principal or assistant principal in a middle school, junior high, or high school? Would you like to attend live and virtual meetings with job-alike leaders who share your desire for ongoing learning? If so, our new Future Focused Leadership Network is for you!

By participating in this network secondary leaders will:

  • Collaborate around problems of practice and hot topics with job-alike colleagues.
  • Increase their knowledge and application of intervention strategies and a system of support for all students.
  • Analyze current instructional practices and consider a future redesigned system based on competency-based learning.

This is a network specifically designed for middle/secondary leaders that incorporates learning with the founder and Associate Partner of the International Center for Leadership in Education (ICLE). This ongoing learning experience spans eight months and includes three face-to-face sessions with international experts and virtual follow-up conversations facilitated by Dr. Drummond and regional colleagues. Be a part of this network to experience effective learning, support, and collaboration.

  • The kick off will be April 22 with Dr. Adam Drummond who will ask leaders to consider the importance of relationships at all levels as they advocate for students and create conditions for deep learning.
  • This session will have follow-up conversations with Dr. Drummond in May-July through Zoom.
  • On August 4-5, participants are offered a series of leadership experiences as part of the annual GOCSD Innovation Summit. Time to dig deeper with Dr. Bill Daggett and time with several Missouri educational leaders will inspire participants with a future-focused emphasis. Participants will engage in conversations around the new state Success-Ready Students framework and envision how a new instructional design might work in their settings.
  • Follow-up collaborative sessions with colleagues will be offered in September to further consider these ideas and to discuss relevant problems of practice.
  • In October, the network will have an additional full day session with Dr. Adam Drummond to explore neuroscience practices that promote student motivation and learning.
  • November includes the last "official" collaborative Zoom conversation.

The relationships established during the eight months of this network will lead to future organic collaboration throughout your leadership career.